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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to process my order?

A: All orders will be processed within 1-2 business days of your purchase.

Q:Will my bundle of Virgin hair have gray hairs in it?

A: It is very normal for virgin hair to have gray hairs, especially since our virgin hair is not altered. Virgin hair is straight from a persons real head so you can expect any natural affects such as gray hairs, some split ends, and different curl patterns in one bundle.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my order in the mail?

A: Our company offers two different shipping options during checkout: 1) Priority shipping (estimated in 2-3 business days) 2) Express shipping (guaranteed in 1-2 business days).

Q: Will the hair that I purchase from you shed?

A: YES, this was someones real hair and it was sewn to a weft. The hair that grows out of our scalp sheds, therefore it is no way to stop shedding since, all hair sheds!!! You may find ways to limit shedding, however we do not guarantee no shedding.

Q: What can I use to stop shedding?

A: We recommend that you seal your wefts with a sealant to minimize shedding, however it does not guarantee to stop the shedding completely. An example of a sealant could be paint or fabric sealant. It is best to use a sealant that is thick.

Q: Do you guys use your own product?

A: Yes, we feel that you cannot fully know your product or which products to recommend for the hair unless we wear the hair ourselves.

Q: What is Virgin Hair?

A: Virgin hair refers to hair that is completely unprocessed. For example, unprocessed hair has not been permed, dipped in any silicon, dyed, texturized, bleached, or chemically processed in any way. Also, the unprocessed hair still has the cuticles intact.

Q: Does "Remy" mean the hair is processed?

A: No, "Remy" does not mean the hair is processed. "Remy" means that the cuticles are still attached to the hair and are all going in one direction. When the cuticles are going in one direction this helps the hair have less friction, which will help the hair tangle less.

Q: I want the hair that I purchase to look just like the picture advertised on the "Virgin Hair" page, is that possible?

A: No. The hair we sell is 100% virgin hair non processed, and what that means is that this hair is cut directly off someones head and sewn to a weft. Since the hair is non processed, this means we do not process the hair in any way to all look the same. Each bundle of hair comes from a different donor, and it is no way for any of the bundles of hair to look alike. We advertise a picture to give you an idea of what a bundle of that texture could look like, however it is no way to change and add the picture of every bundle that we receive.

Q: Can I dye and/or bleached my virgin hair?

A: Virgin hair can be dyed and/or bleached, however you still have to be careful as you would with your real hair. Extra care will be needed because the hair is not attached to the scalp and does not retain its own moisture, for example you must keep the hair hydrated and moisturized. Also, when you dye and/or bleach your virgin hair the hair is no longer virgin(it will then be chemically processed). I recommend that you have a professional dye and/or bleach your virgin hair.

Q: I've heard that shampoo will strip the virgin hair from its moisture, should I use shampoo?

A: Shampoo does strip the hair from its natural moisture, however it does help clean the hair from build up. We would recommend that you use a sulfate-free shampoo, but not with every wash. Try using shampoo once every two weeks and co-wash the hair every wash in between.

Q: If I do use shampoo, what type of shampoo would you recommend?

A: We would recommend that you use any shampoo that is sulfate free and/or has all natural ingredients. For example, "Shea Moisture" hair products and "Organix" hair products have wonderful shampoos.

Q: What is "Co-Wash"?

A: A co-wash is when you wash your hair only using conditioner. The conditioner is used in this wash to provide your hair with moisture and shine, and also help hydrate the hair. Most people will say the conditioner is the most important part of the washing process.

Q: What conditioners would you recommend using for a co-wash?

A: Since every bundle of virgin hair comes from different donors some conditioners might work great on one bundle of hair and work differently on another bundle of hair. For this reason we will provide you with a sample size shampoo and conditioner for you to try out on you hair, if you like the results you can buy a bigger bottle if not you can buy one of my other recommendations. A few of the different conditioners we have used and other customers have used and loved are all the conditioners in the Organix product line, Hello Hydration moisturizing conditioner, Aussie Moist conditioner, Dove moisturizing conditioner, & Suave Humectant moisture conditioner.

Q: How many bundles of hair would you recommend for a full sew in?

A: For a full sew-in we would recommend that you use at least three bundles of 3.3-3.5 oz hair. This recommendation is for the person who loves their hair to be nice and full, especially if you are buying hair that is longer then 18 inches.

Q: How many ounces does each bundle of hair weigh?

A: Our bundles of hair weigh between 3.3-3.5 ounces.